Work In Progress | Door

Today in the studio, we are working on an illustration of a door. To some, a door is a door. To others, a door is the nerve-racking excitement of the possibility that lies behind it. 

I felt inclined to start a project that represented possibility. The beginning of this year has been filled with it. My mind sits in anticipation of all the inspirational moments this year has in store for me. I am nervous and yet so ready to take on new and challenging opportunities. I rarely step out of my comfort zone. I am happy being in the quiet of my home, but I have realized that being comfortable does not accomplish goals. You have to allow yourself to experience the uncomfortable, be confused, and sometimes even a wreck to allow yourself the highest potential you could possibly achieve. 

To illustrate the new beginnings and journey I am to overcome, Door represents my journey into creativity. The very first step is opening yourself to the possibility, aka open your door. It is just the outline right now. There are edits in the linework and color to be added. And hopefully, by the time this piece is finished, I have a more exciting name than Door. But for now, this is it. Inspired by Spanish-styled homes and ivy that crawls up walls. My favorite shade of green and terracotta pots filled with greenery. This is the door of me.